Abby Monkey® Animal Train for Children App recensioner

Very good!

My grandson loves this! I do wish it had more directions




Love the sounds and amount of puzzle pieces to do!

Rob rob jr


Great app

Easy for two year old

Cars and truck puzzles

Definitely has the toddlers work on their fine motor skills. My grand baby loves this game!

My toddler loves this!

Great for little kids who like puzzles and things that go!


Love it

Fun and easy

Big pictures. My kids love it


Very intuitive and fun for my toddler


Great for toddlers

Kid likes it

Wish there weren’t so many in app purchases. Kid gets lost in them

A genius

This game does a lot to my kid, he learns to be more problem solving and he prefers puzzles nowadays. I mean he is a genius

Basics for preschool

Even preschool needs a little basics to perform well in the pre-school and toddler games is the best way to make your kids learn easy.

Unlock creativity

This game helps the kids to unlock their creativity and think out the box. The game is dreamy and helps to improve kid's imagination.

Think more

All the truck puzzles and other strategical games helps the kids to think more and now my child learnt a lot from the game and he wants to play it more.

A win -win

Whenever i see my child playing games in my mobile, i don't care. Because he is playing the toddler games. It is win-win for me and him.

Easy to grasp

The controls of the games are very easy to grasp, my son got used to the controls within a day. It is easy as that!


The background music effects are amazing and clearly syncs in with the visuals creating the best gaming experience for the kids.


Everything about this game is fascinating, the visuals and the graphics of the game is creative and amazing.

Breath taking

The interface of the game is just breathtaking, the kids love it this way. Now i not concerned of them playing games as long it is toddler games.


This game excels in grabbing the children's eye and the gameplay is smooth and has a lot of colorfulness going on for the kids to enjoy.

Experimental puzzles

Always educational stuff is boring, sometimes it is better to have a little experimental knowledge for the kids.

Splendid games

All of the mini-games are splendid, they are full of colors and the kids love them. This is what they want.

My little guy likes it a lot

Super cute and fun game. My two-year-old boy is having a blast

Kid loves it

Fun and easy

Fun puzzle games

My son enjoyed this game

Game for my 3year old


Fun game

Fun game for the kids,really interesting!great job!

Un-locking all games

Awesome cute game. Sweet for toddlers and young kids. Simply fabulous!

Great game

My 4 yr old nephew loves this game. Great distraction and it educational

Fun way to learn ur Animal

Fun n playful way to learn ur animal. Another great edu app from Abby!

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